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Garden Wing

The Garden WingÕs Miami deco style, which was popular in Miami from the 1920s to 40s, matches the famous beautiful clear sky of Tokachi. The buildingÕs base colors are mustard and reddish brown with green highlights and blend well with the color of the bricks. Large windows face out onto the garden so guests feel it become a part of their space.

Introducing the new party style to Tokachi
The large windows of Poroshiri Hall provide breathtaking views of the woods surrounding the Hokkaido Hotel. Doors lead out on to a terrace overlooking the garden to which the stairway gives convenient access. This opens up the available space for partygoers to enjoy.
Porshiri Hall
Lovely carved wooden bears
Four carved wooden bears are located on the top of the posts on the south side of the building. A fifth bear can be found at the entrance of the restaurant on the first floor. They strike individual poses which you may have seen somewhere before.
Blending into the forest
Terraces highlight the garden side of the second and third floors. There you can enjoy the fresh air, while listening to songs of wild birds.
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1, Minami-19, Nishi-7,
Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
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