STAY Hokkaido Hotel Style

Hokkaido Hotel offers a variety of room types,
featuring terraces with green garden views and open-air moor hot spring baths
for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Hokkaido Hotel’s Hospitality

Guestrooms are located in the Garden Wing with its green garden
and the Hidaka Wing with its sweeping views of the Hidaka Mountains.
They offer a truly relaxing, personal and peaceful experience.

01Forest Spa TwinSuperior service
with a private
moor hot spring bath
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02Modern DoubleA relaxing space
with a large window,
a fireplace
and a queen-size bed
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03Terrace TwinFor a private experience
with a terrace
in verdant natural surroundings
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04Superior TwinPanoramic views of the Hidaka Mountains Learn More

Special offer for bookings made directly via the hotel website

Late Check-out Service
Guests can check out at any time until midday for extended enjoyment of the hotel or a leisurely stroll after breakfast.
Relaxing Goods Service
Guests are provided with a relaxing goods upon arrival and can take their pressure away with these welcome items.
Online Plans
Budget plans are available to guests booking directly via the hotel website. For more information, see the “Online Only” options in the list of accommodation plans.


Breakfast featuring Tokachi fare

At breakfast, Western and Japanese sets are served in the hotel restaurant overlooking the garden. Dishes are made with ingredients sourced in Tokachi and other parts of Hokkaido to help guests start their day well and full of energy.