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Obihiro, surrounded by some of Hokkaido's finest scenery, is also the home of the Hokkaido Hotel. Established in 1899, the Hokkaido Hotel has a convenient urban setting and luxurious natural surroundings.

The hotel was designed by the world-famous architect, Hiroyasu Higuchi, the leader of Atelier Zoo and built with natural materials from Hokkaido. The bricks used in the construction of the exterior walls are made of Tokachi clay and the guestrooms evoke comfortable images of Hokkaido's natural beauty.

The Bird Watch Cafe features a variety of original dishes prepared by Kazuyuki Kudo, an Associaton Auguste Escoffier au Japon certified chef. The hotel's beautiful natural surroundings enhance your dining pleasure.

When you come to Tokachi, stay at the Hokkaido Hotel for a comfortable and enjoyable time.

Hokkaido Hotel and Affiliates
Company Profile

Name: Hokkaido Hotel, Inc.
Address: 1, Minami-19, Nishi-7, Obihiro, Hokkaido
President: Katsuhiko Hayashi
Established: 1899
Floors: Nine floors and basement

Hokkaido Hotel, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper Company Group.

Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper Company Group Largest readership in Obihiro with 67.7% of all households subscribing to the paper. The first city cable TV station for urban residents in Japan, opened in 1985. Community FM station began broadcasting in 1996. Microbrewery and restaurant featuring a variety of beer and Italian dishes using locally grown ingredients. The building of this hotel by Hoshu Hayashi, founder of Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper, led to the development of the Tokachigawa Hot Spring area. Multimedia planning and production company.
Hokkaido Hotel's Century in Tokachi.

In the spring of 1999 the Hokkaido Hotel celebrated 100 years
of offering warm hospitality to its guests.
H i s t o r y
img 1899
Hokkaikan, the forerunner of the Hokkaido Hotel, was established at 8-Odori Road. At that time the town was surrounded by virgin forest. In 1902, Midori Koizumi, after whom the nearby Midorigaoka Park was named, undertook management of the Hokkaikan.
Railroad service began between Obihiro and Kushiro, followed by the service between Obihiro and Sapporo in 1907. The Hokkaikan moved to a location on the north side of Obihiro Station. The population of Tokachi at that time was approximately 50,000. The Hokkaikan was not only popular with visitors but also with local businesspeople who frequently used it as a meeting place.
img 1966
In cooperation with the Obihiro City planning department, the Hokkaikan moved to its present location, which was the neighborhood of the famous Hokkaido painter Masami Nose. The narrow gauge Toteppo Line (Tokachi Railroad) was still in operation east of the hotel. The former railroad line is now a walking and bike path which guests can enjoy.
img 1991
The Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper Company Group took over management of the Hokkaikan. In 1994, it was renamed the Hokkaido Hotel and renovation and expansion of the hotel was completed in 1995.
img 1995
A major renovation and expansion of the hotel was completed in 1995. With the grand opening, the hotel, regained its pre-eminent position as the leading hotel in Hokkaido.
img 2001
The main building, the oldest part of the hotel, was renovated last year. With the opening of this revitalized wing almost all of the construction planned in 1995 has been completed. The hotel is now ready to satisfy the Hokkaido`s needs in the 21st century.
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1, Minami-19, Nishi-7,
Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
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