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Bird Watch Cafe' (Western Restaurant)
This restaurant serves breakfast for hotel guests; in the afternoon it is a casual cafe' where guests and locals can enjoy lunch or teatime until the evening; and at night it becomes a pleasant, dimly-lit restaurant.

In the summertime the terrace is open for guests' dinning pleasure, providing the atmosphere of a Parisian sidewalk cafe. It is possible to see a large variety of birds.

Open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Rokuro (Japanese Restaurant)
Enjoy a variety of Japanese dishes that range from the beautifully prepared Makunouchi boxes to full-course dinners.

The cuisine served originated from the prosperous medieval domain of Kaga, from where the Hayashi family, the owner of the hotel, emigrated in the late 1800s. The restaurant's name comes from their ancestor Hayashi Rokuro who is mentioned in Genpei Seisuiki in Heike Monogatari.
Diamond Dust (Lounge)
Enjoy tea, coffee or cocktails while taking in the tranquil view of Hokkaido Hotel's garden courtyard.
Kotan(Teppan Grill)
Enjoy the taste of a succulent steak as well as the entertaining preparation right before your eyes by our highly trained chefs. Most of the delicious ingredients are from the local Tokachi area.
Kasuga (Sushi Bar)
At the counter of the sushi bar you can enjoy seasonal delicacies from the rich waters of Hokkaido.
Tsurugi (Tempura Restaurant)
The skilled chefs behind the counter fry fresh, selected vegetables and seafood from Hokkaido. You can experience the unique, light, crispy, taste of tempura, a traditional Japanese favorite.
Bear (Bar)
Spend a chic and tranquil evening sampling from our wide variety of cocktails. In the evening from your seat at the bar you can enjoy our illuminated garden, beautiful in each of HokkaidoÍs four distinct seasons.
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1, Minami-19, Nishi-7,
Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
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