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Hokkaido Hotel Guestrooms

Characteristics of the guestrooms

Guestrooms are located in the Hidaka and Garden Wings. From the guestrooms in the Hidaka Wing you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Hidaka Mountains to the west. The guestrooms in the Garden Wing were designed to incorporate views of our famous garden to the south.
Many of the materials used in the rooms are products native to Hokkaido including wood, paper, bricks and ceramics:

- 90% of the interior walls, including window frames, use natural materials.
- wood, such as oak or cherry which was grown in Hokkaido, was used for the interior and the furniture.
- paint, where used, is the safest available

Humidity in the guestrooms is kept moderate as the wood used in the room works as a natural humidifier.
The smell of wood helps to make the guestrooms cozier, as do the woods surrounding the hotel.

Relaxation in forest greenery
There are several types of guestrooms in the Garden Wing, but all are designed to make guests feel as if the garden is part of the room. The Garden Twin has a floor-to-ceiling picture window and the Terrace Twin has a large terrace where you feel as if you are deep in the forest.
Hot spring bathing in a natural setting
Each bathroom is designed with large windows to allow bathers to take full advantage of sunshine and the surrounding greenery during the day and moonlight/starlight through the night while relaxing in a hot spring bath.
Wooden furniture with a soft touch
As wood ages it becomes more beautiful and richer in character. The wooden furniture in the guestrooms is made of Hokkaido grown cherry and designed especially for the hotel.
Rooms where you can enjoy nature
Each guestroom has a large picture window offering an abundance of natural light. Rooms facing west offer a beautiful view of the Hidaka Mountains. The blinds are made of Japanese paper with an owl print.
Windows and glass doors with wooden sashes
Glass used for the windows and glass doors is very energy efficient and the sashes are made in Hokkaido of cherry.
Interior made of natural materials
The window blinds and lampshades are made of Japanese paper. The floors are of oak. The decorative tiles are designed to accent the wood.
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